Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kauai Love

Just got back from our vacation to Kauai on Tuesday, and I'm sad to be home. I've never been sad to come home from a holiday before, so that tells you how much I loved Kauai. It was just magical, and we did so many fun things, including a catamaran sail where we saw two humpbacks swimming toward the setting sun, tubed down an irrigation canal at an old sugar plantation, attended a luau, rode bikes on a path along the ocean, rode horses along the beach, kayaked down a river then hiked to a secret waterfall for a picnic lunch. Hubby and both the weasels loved it as much as I did.

We stayed at a gorgeous hotel in the south of the island. Here's the view from our covered lanai.

And here's a shot of me and little weasel out at the beach. Yes, I know I'm white, but I actually got a little color while I was there.

While I was away I got my cover for Let Me In, which comes out May 21st, and I really like it. Will post it soon, along with the blurb.