Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SEAL Sale!

I did it. I did the requested revisions and just found out Carina Press has acquired my latest manuscript, Covert Seduction. It features a delicious SEAL hero, and it has a suspense plot that I'll be expanding during edits. Can't wait for you to meet Reid!

Do you all remember that horrific Chinook crash last August in Wardak province, Afghanistan, that killed so many DevGru SEALs, several AFSOC members and the entire air crew? I've touched on that in the book. By now you all know how much I love doing research on my military characters, and this book was no exception. While I don't go into heavy military detail and skill set descriptions in this story like I do in my Kaylea Cross books, I hope I've given just enough detail to make Reid leap off the page. The book will release early next year.

The other happy news I have is that I'm leaving for Kauai this weekend, and I'll be taking a Kindle full of books by an amazing new author I've just found--Charlotte Stein. Have you read any of her work? I finished Sheltered today and literally couldn't put it down. The author does such an incredible job with the characterization and heat mixed with tenderness that the book earned a huge five stars from me. As such, I went out and bought half a dozen books from her back list to take with me on holiday. If they're even half as good as Sheltered, I'm in for a treat.

Aloha, everyone!